About Me

I hold a Masters of Fine Art in Photography and I am the mother of a busy 5 year old boy.
My son was born six weeks premature and I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of dragging him
out of the house to have his picture taken–so we didn’t. The fear of him getting sick won
out over me getting precious pictures of a fleeting time. As he got older, taking him to get
pictures done was always a headache! No matter how I tried, I could never manage to
get him well napped, fed, and to the studio for our scheduled appointment.

It was with my experience in mind, that I started this business to provide options to mothers
of preemies, newborns, special needs children, and all children in general. We can do the
portraits in studio, in your home (if you have a child with special needs), or on location. I also
strive to make this a fun experience for the “I’m not a baby anymore” crowd. When kids are
having fun they will naturally smile and that makes for beautiful pictures.